Frank J. Fabozzi, CFA

Frank Fabozzi

Frank J. Fabozzi, CFA, is the author or coauthor of two Research Foundation books and a number of Financial Analysts Journal articles. He is the host of the Research and Policy Center’s video interview series “Conversations with Frank Fabozzi, CFA.” He was awarded the CFA Institute Research Foundation James R. Vertin Award in 2015 and the C. Stewart Sheppard Award in 2007.

Frank J. Fabozzi, CFA, is a professor of practice at Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins University. He has held various professorial positions in finance at MIT, Yale, Princeton, EDHEC Business School, New York University, and Carnegie Mellon. He is the editor of the Journal of Portfolio Management, cofounder and coeditor of the Journal of Financial Data Science, and an editor of Annals of Operations Research. He has authored and edited a number of books on asset management and, in 2002, was inducted into the Fixed Income Society’s Hall of Fame. From 1988 to 2023, he served on the board of directors of the BlackRock fixed income complex.

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