29 May 2024 Multimedia

New Insights on Stocks for the Long Run

  1. CFA Institute Research and Policy Center
CFA Institute Research and Policy Center brought together Edward McQuarrie, Jeremy Siegel, Rob Arnott, Roger Ibbotson, Elroy Dimson, and Laurence Siegel for a debate over stocks vs. bonds and McQuarrie’s new research.

Stocks for the Long Run? Panel Discussion
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In his best-selling book Stocks for the Long Run, Wharton School professor Jeremy Siegel analyzed historical data and determined, almost 30 years ago, that equities make the best long-term investment.

But new research by Santa Clara University Professor Emeritus Edward McQuarrie challenges the long-held belief in the superiority of equities over bonds. His data offer new insights. 

McQuarrie’s research analyzed US stock and bond records dating back to 1792, adding new historical findings that challenge the conventional wisdom that stocks always outperform bonds over the long term. His Financial Analysts Journal article spurred a global viral sensation and prompted a discussion among five industry luminaries. In this webinar, they debate the implications of McQuarrie’s research. Marg Franklin, CFA, president and CEO of CFA Institute, introduces the debate with a reminder that listening to these luminaries interact and share contrasting ideas makes us all better practitioners.

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