Understanding the Latest Developments in Data Analytics, Technology, and Automation

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The Automation Ahead

Join us for another exciting opportunity to learn how AI is shaping the investment industry. This webinar explores advanced uses of generative AI in investment, based on a 2023 CFA survey. It covers RAG, LLM orchestration, autonomous agents, and future analyst roles, with Q&A.

Conversations with Frank Fabozzi, CFA, Featuring Marcos López de Prado and Joseph Simonian

This episode features a discussion with Marcos López de Prado, Global Head of Quantitative Research and Development at the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), and Joseph Simonian, Senior Investment Strategist at Scientific Beta.

Data Science for Investment Professionals Certificate

Gain practical understanding of data science and machine learning applications in the investment process.

Driving Digital Transformation: CFA Institute Research Center Explores Machine Learning and AI Advancements in Investing

CFA Institute Research and Policy Center is addressing how machine learning and advancements in natural language processing, understanding, and generation will accelerate the digital transformation of the investment industry.

The theme Understanding the Latest Developments in Data Analytics, Technology, and Automation tracks the evolving opportunity set for investment firms and professionals stemming from artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and new analytical tools and technologies.

Our research recognizes that the future of the investment industry is one where smart machines and systems, data analysis, and inference will play a more central role in how the world of finance evolves.

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