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The Sustainability Story

Corporate Governance and due diligence in the EU: a step in the right direction?

In this episode of The Sustainability Story, Josina Kamerling and Leena Linnainmaa, Secretary General of Directors' Institute Finland, and Chair of ecoDa’s Advocacy Committee, have a conversation on the impact of the proposed new EU rules on corporate governance and due diligence on European companies and their board of directors.

The Sustainability Story

Marcos Buscaglia: The Role of Investors in Promoting Democracy

In this episode of The Sustainability Story, host Andres Vinelli interviews Marcos Buscaglia, an economist and author of Beyond the ESG Portfolio: How Wall Street Can Help Democracies Survive. Marcos discusses the impact of capital markets on funding democracies and autocratic regimes, emphasizing the importance for investors to consider democracy amidst global democratic decline.
The Sustainability Story

Jeff Brenner: The Power of Impact Investing in Affordable Housing

This episode of the Sustainability Story explores the world of impact investing in real estate, with a specific focus on affordable housing. Host Andres Vinelli is joined by Jeff Brenner, President and CEO of IMPACT Community Capital, an investment advisor dedicated to advancing opportunity in under-invested communities.

Explore how the Research and Policy Center supports your Sustainable Investing research

CFA Institute Research and Policy Center is committed to providing investment professionals with tools and resources for understanding, measuring, and managing sustainability-related risks and opportunities; meeting client demands; and complying with regulatory requirements.

Our research covers an array of sustainable investing topics, including biodiversity, human capital, climate risk, net zero commitment issues, and environmental, social, and governance investment approaches and performance data. Our advocacy efforts and standards advance sustainable investing ethics, professional conduct, and market integrity.

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