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Lindsey Stewart, CFA: Proxy Voting and Investor Engagement Practices

Lindsey Stewart, CFA: Proxy Voting and Investor Engagement Practices

In this episode of the Sustainability Story podcast, Nicole Gehrig, Director of Global Industry Standards at CFA Institute, is joined by Lindsey Stewart, CFA, Director of Stewardship Research and Policy at Morningstar Sustainalytics.
Nels Ylitalo

Nels Ylitalo: Global Sustainability Regulations

In this episode of "The Sustainability Story," co-host Josina Kamerling welcomes Nels Italo, Director of Product Strategy for Regulatory Solutions at FactSet. They delve into Nels' diverse background, from working in signals intelligence in the US Navy to becoming a corporate M&A attorney before focusing on financial service regulations.
Paula DiPerna

Paula DiPerna: Pricing the Priceless: The Financial Transformation to Value the Planet, Solve the Climate Crisis, and Protect Our Most Precious Assets

In this episode of the Sustainability Story, host Deborah Kidd, CFA, interviews Paula DiPerna, author and Special Advisor to the CDP. In her book, Pricing the Priceless, Paula offers a compelling argument that assigning economic values to nature’s essential resources is a way to combat global warming and preserve the Earth’s resources.

Explore how the Research and Policy Center supports your Sustainable Investing research

CFA Institute Research and Policy Center is committed to providing investment professionals with tools and resources for understanding, measuring, and managing sustainability-related risks and opportunities; meeting client demands; and complying with regulatory requirements.

Our research covers an array of sustainable investing topics, including biodiversity, human capital, climate risk, net zero commitment issues, and environmental, social, and governance investment approaches and performance data. Our advocacy efforts and standards advance sustainable investing ethics, professional conduct, and market integrity.

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