Sébastien Page, CFA

Sebastien Page

Sébastien Page, CFA, is co-author of Factor Investing and Asset Allocation, a CFA Institute Research Foundation (2016) book, and has published several articles in the Financial Analysts Journal. He is a two-time recipient of the Journal’s Graham and Dodd Award and serves as a member of the Journal’s Editorial Board.

Sébastien Page, CFA, is head of global multiasset and chief investment officer at T. Rowe Price, where serves as a member of the Asset Allocation Committee and the Management Committee. Previously, he was an executive vice president at PIMCO and a senior managing director at State Street Global Markets.

Page has coauthored a number of award-winning research papers and is the author of Beyond Diversification: What Every Investor Needs to Know about Asset Allocation (McGraw Hill 2020). Page is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Portfolio Management and of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Quantitative Research in Finance (Q Group). He regularly appears in the financial media, including Bloomberg TV and CNBC.

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