New Generation of Investors, New Ways of Investing


A New Research Series

A new generation of digitally savvy investors is upending traditional investment industry business models. Their gateway to investing is cryptoassets. They source information about investments from financial influencers on social media. To attract these new entrants, firms will need to innovate and embrace new tools, technologies, and data sources. CFA Institute Research and Policy Center has launched this research series—New Generation of Investors, New Ways of Investing—to help professionals, firms, and policymakers understand and react to these forces of change.

Our report on Gen Z's attitudes and behaviors around investing complements our analysis of investment gamification and sets the stage for future research on new asset classes, new information sources, and new analytical methods. The upcoming Future State of the Investment Industry report will provide a macro view of the future of the industry, including the profile of the successful investment professionals and firms in the next 5-10 years.

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