Industry Future
27 September 2021 Survey Report

The Future of Work in Investment Management: The Context of Careers

This report focuses on where work takes place and the anticipated impact of hybrid work environments on the investment industry.

The disruption to work caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has led investment industry leaders and employees to think more carefully about what work might look like in the future. The consequences of the forced experiment in remote work, the lessons learned along the way from shifts in work patterns and practices, and the social changes in workers’ attitudes and expectations have set the stage for a new model of working. Investment professionals recognize the need to define their future career paths, and leaders must develop a deeper understanding of the dimensions and implications of work to sustain their firm’s edge in a world of accelerating workplace change.

This first part of the Future of Work in Investment Management series looks at who seeks a hybrid work environment and if hybrid work will be effective for investment professionals, investment organizations, and those they serve. It also explores how hybrid work could change investment management career progression and how organizations can demonstrate leadership during this time of workplace disruption.

The Future of Work in Investment Management: The Context of Careers Read the Report (PDF)

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