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23 November 2015 Multimedia

Connecting Finance and Society

What Is the Responsibility of Industry Leaders?

  1. Ranji Nagaswami, CFA
  2. Allison Adams

In a recent interview, Ranji Nagaswami, CFA, senior adviser and operating partner at Corsair Capital, discussed why she helped launch the Aspen Institute Finance Leaders Fellowship Program with support from CFA Institute, and the importance of finance and society remaining connected to enable positive outcomes.

Clip 1: What are the synergies between CFA Institute and Aspen Institute? 

Clip 2: How the Aspen Institute Finance Leaders Fellowship Program will create a dialogue among industry leaders about how to reconnect finance and the “good society.”

Clip 3: How the actions of a few have created negative outcomes and disenfranchised many in society from the finance industry.

Clip 4:The investment management profession is part of a multi-legged stool that shapes societal outcomes.


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