Coronavirus and Market Volatility

Asset Management Resources
Coronavirus is having a major impact on public health and the global financial markets. As we continue to gauge the long-term impact of the novel coronavirus, CFA Institute is working to provide resources and to support the development of policy measures that address the functioning of markets and the financial system. We are also providing research — including analysis on lessons learned from past financial crises — to help guide the investment management industry during this time of instability and uncertainty.

What the Coronavirus Means for Financial Markets and Economic Impact

What the Coronavirus Means for Financial Markets and Economic Impact

Setting current market events surrounding the novel coronavirus crisis into a historical context can help investors and investment managers understand and better respond. By examining market stability and systemic risk, modern monetary theory, and the lessons of financial market history, we can help manage the effects of today's coronavirus crisis as it unfolds.

Market Stability and Asset Management Strategies

The coronavirus crisis does not need to lead to an economic collapse. Addressing the crisis through both research and policy, CFA Institute offers insights and analysis to guide investors, investment managers, and world leaders supporting financial markets. 

A guide to investment and trading features.

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are in the spotlight amid the current coronavirus pandemic.

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