22 August 2023 Multimedia

Private Markets Webinar Series: Is Diversification Living up to the Promise?

  1. CFA Institute
This first in a series of three CFA Institute Private Markets webinars sponsored by PGIM discussed the promise of diversification typically offered by alternative investment allocations and whether they are truly able to mitigate risk and enhance returns.
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Recorded on June 6, 2023


  • Dr. Sushil Wadhwani, CBE, Chief Investment Officer, PGIM Wadhwani
  • David Belmont, CFA, CAIA, CC, former Global Head of Risk Management for Alternatives, Blackrock
  • James Adams, Ph.D., CFA, CFA Institute (moderator)

With the potential of a near-term recession as the backdrop, panelists discuss whether the “decoupling” of public and private markets will continue. Investment time horizons, alternative investment valuations, and the efficacy of liquid alternative strategies in a high-inflation environment are among the topics covered.

Read a summary of the discussion (link above) or watch the recording:

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