Hills Sustainability
28 September 2023 Multimedia

Mindy Lubber: Building a Sustainable Future through Capital Market Integration

  1. Paul Andrews
  2. Mindy Lubber
How can capital markets drive meaningful change in the fight against climate risk? Join Paul Andrews, head of Research, Advocacy, and Standards at CFA Institute for an insightful discussion with our esteemed guest, Mindy Lubber, President and CEO of Ceres, as they unpack the importance of integrating sustainability into capital markets and the economic implications of climate change.

Recorded April 2023


Lubber emphasizes the crucial connection between climate risk and financial risk, and the role of investors in mitigating such risks by engaging with companies to adopt emissions reduction goals. Together, Lubber and Andrews highlight the four pillars of success — investors, the investment community, corporates, and governments — and the significance of unifying these forces for a sustainable future.

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