Hills Sustainability
15 September 2023 Multimedia

Enhancements to Fundamental Analysis and Investor Outcomes: Aligning DEI and Sustainable Investing

  1. Sarah Maynard, ASIP
  2. Keon Holmes, CFA
  3. Kimberly Strand, CFA
This is an archived recording of a live panel discussion that took place on 23 March 2023.


Asset managers and asset owners committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion as part of their internal culture often find a natural fit when integrating DEI measurements as a piece of their fundamental analysis that drives value over time in public and private investments. In this webinar, Sarah Maynard, global senior head, diversity, equity, & inclusion at CFA Institute, speaks with two leading researchers Keon Holmes, CFA, of Cambridge Associates and Kim Strand, CFA, of Franklin Templeton about the benefits of DEI integration throughout the investment process and in manager selection. They discussed how these factors can materially drive risk and return over the long-term for a range of asset classes and DEI reporting measures and disclosures that go beyond regulatory requirements.

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