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27 January 2021 Multimedia

Investing in Esoteric Assets

  1. Rishi Ganti, CFA

Rishi Ganti, CFA, founder of Orthogon Partners, a private investment fund focused solely on esoteric assets, explains why he searches for what he calls esoteric assets and why this is the area where investors should be hunting for opportunities.

The Take 15 Series is a collection of illuminating, short conversations with noted economists, best-selling authors, leading researchers, and successful practitioners on topics ranging from geopolitics and whistleblowing to irrationality and outlooks.

Episode Transcript (PDF)

Topics discussed:

2:32 - City living nowadays
4:35 - “The come-to-Jesus” moment
8:47 - What conceptions we might have wrong and what led Rishi to the Orthogon path
14:33 - More about Orthogon
17:04 - What is an esoteric asset?
21:40 - Opportunities discovered 
25:52 - The intensive process of surfacing opportunities 
32:58 - What ray of sunshine has some from the pandemic?
35:18 - What would you bring on a NASA flight
37:15 - Flight or invisibility, which would you choose?

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