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14 October 2020 Multimedia

Webinar: Ensuring Financial Stability: Relaunching the Reform Debate After Pandemic Dislocation

  1. Kurt Schacht, JD, CFA
  2. Sir Paul Tucker
  3. Jean-Claude Trichet
  4. Sheila C Bair
  5. Anat Admati
  6. Sir John Vickers
  7. Daniel K. Tarullo
  8. Andrea Enria
  9. Peter R. Fisher
  10. Vitor Constancio
  11. Darrell Duffie
  12. Randal Quarles

The stimulus response to the global pandemic has surfaced new debates and highlighted lingering questions about the role of central banks, accountability, reform, and the roles of levered markets and shadow banking. This Systemic Risk Council program brings together leading voices to explore how the financial industry, regulators, and policy makers can address key issues around bank stability, resolution, and the mounting leverage in the global economic system.

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