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25 November 2019 Multimedia

The Journey from an Activist Investor to a Wanted Man in Russia

  1. Bill Browder

Were it a work of fiction, Bill Browder’s story would stretch the bounds of credibility well beyond the breaking point. But as it happens, it’s all true: The scion of American communist royalty, he became a devout capitalist and made his fortune following the collapse of the Iron Curtain.

And then his saga, which is detailed in his bestselling Red Notice, gets even more interesting. From the falling out with the Vladimir Putin regime to the championing of the Magnitsky Act, Browder’s life morphed from an unconventional success story into a tense and harrowing thriller.

In this On Demand Video, Bill Browder discusses
  - The rewards and costs of activist investing in emerging markets;
  - Russian influence on global politics and the effects of the Magnitsky Act;
  - Uncovering money laundering schemes around the world.


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