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11 May 2020 Multimedia

Investing in Disruptive Innovation: How Innovation Gains Traction during Tumultuous Times

  1. Catherine Wood

In this session from the 73rd Annual Virtual Conference, Catherine Wood discusses disruptive innovation:

  • We are experiencing a shock to the financial system, but the forces in motion before this shock will continue. We have experienced two prior shocks in the last 40 years:
    • Portfolio insurance failed in October 1987
      Low volatility strategies this time around
    • Terrorist attack on 11 September 2001
      Coronavirus outbreak this time around
  • Three variables can serve as a guide to investors: monetary policy, fiscal policy, market signals;
  • Innovation gains traction during tumultuous times. For example, in health care, the convergence of artificial intelligence (AI), next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS), and CRISPR gene editing have the potential to transform health care completely.

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