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7 May 2020 Multimedia

Home Front Series

In this series of short interviews we hear from practitioners and thought leaders as they respond to the current crisis. Covering topics as diverse as policy responses, investment and social impacts, hear them reflect on the crisis to date and longer term impacts.

1. Home Front: Ralph Du, CFA, China Renaissance Group

In this Home Front recording Neil Govier talks to Ralph Du who is based in Beijing. After months of lock down how quickly does Ralph think things and China specifically will get back to a more recognizable situation?

2. Home Front: Elliot Hentov on Policy Responses

In this Home Front recording Neil Govier talks to Ralph Du who is based in Beijing. After months of lock down how quickly does Ralph think things and China specifically will get back to a more recognizable situation?

3. Home Front: Navneet Munot, CFA, CIO of India's Largest Asset Manager

In this Home Front conversation, Navneet Munot, CFA, CIO of India's largest asset manager, reflects on the current COVID-19 crisis and the impact it is having on India before looking to the future and talking positively about potential opportunities.

4. Home Front: Lutfey Siddiqi, London School of Economics

In this Home Front conversation, Lutfey Siddiqi comments on the economic impact of COVID-19 and, in particular, his optimism for positive change resulting from it.

5. Home Front: Dr. Duvvuri Subbarao, Ex-Governor, Reserve Bank of India

The coronavirus financial crisis has its similarities and differences when compared with the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008. The pandemic has come at a time when central banks are not in their strongest positions. Some of these banks are yet to fully recover from the GFC. Dr. Duvvuri Subbarao, former governor of the Reserve Bank of India, successfully guided India out of the GFC.

In this Home Front interview, Dr Subbarao, shares his unique insights on the anatomy of the current crisis and reviews some of the foundational elements that could define a policy response.

6. Home Front: Marcos Veremis on Crypto Currency

Marcos Veremis, managing director at Evanston Capital Management and an expert on cryptocurrency, discusses why crypto assets are not yet seen as a safe haven in times of crisis and what role they can play in an investor's portfolio.

7. Home Front: Machel Allen, CFA, on Why Diversity Is More Critical Than Ever

Machel Allen, CFA, discusses her experience leading an asset management firm during the COVID-19 crisis and shares her view that now, more than ever, is the time to have a robust, and thus diverse, decision-making apparatus in place. She explains that firms that embrace diversity will have an opportunity to differentiate themselves during these turbulent times.

8. Home Front: Blair duQuesnay, CFA on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Blair duQuesnay, CFA, discusses what it has been like to be a financial adviser during the coronavirus pandemic; the impact this crisis may have on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the investment management industry; and how COVID-19 has changed standards around work environments.

9. Home Front: Eric Lonergan on Pandemics and Populism

Eric Lonergan, a macro hedge fund manager at M&G Investments, discusses his latest book, Angrynomics, and shares insight into the impact of the current pandemic on the rising tide of populism.

10. Home Front: Dr. Brian Portnoy, CFA, on Financial Wellness

Dr. Brian Portnoy, CFA, discusses the enduring tension between citizenship and liberty, financial wellness during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, and how to evaluate whether investment managers are living up to expectations.

11. Home Front: A View from the Philippines, a Consumer-Driven Economy

Rob Ramos, in the Philippines, talks about how post-COVID confidence is so important in a consumption-driven economy and the changes that are likely to occur as a result of investor pressure.

12. Home Front: Sam Stubbs, Founder and Managing Director of Simplicity, Talks Recovery

In this Home Front recording, Sam Stubbs muses on the duration of the recession and the potential positives that will, or could, emerge from the current crisis.

13. Home Front: Victor Ong on COVID-19 Potential Winners and Losers

In this Home Front conversation, Victor Ong, CFA, offers his personal reflections on potential winners and losers from the pandemic and what the lasting impact could be.

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