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23 April 2020 Multimedia

Career Insights: Regulatory and Compliance Services in India

  1. Dr Prabhakar R Patil
  2. Biharilal Deora, CFA, CIPM

Every crisis reinforces the need for robust risk management and prudent regulation. Furthermore, the ongoing lack of public trust in financial services, compared to other industries, is a constant reminder of the need for diligent supervision.

A career in the regulatory and compliance sector is sometimes overlooked. In particular, people fail to recognise that it grants exposure to many aspects of the financial services industry in a relatively short time frame. Also, it provides an opportunity to contribute to the regulatory-policy-making process directly.

This webinar offers the following learning outcomes:


  1. An overview of the regulatory and compliance sector in India
  2. The skills required for a successful career
  3. Roles and entry requirements


This is the archived version of a live webinar that took place on 23 April 2020

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