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27 February 2020 Multimedia

Career Insights: Platformization of Financial Services and the Future of Careers in the Investment Industry

  1. Ujjwal Jain, CFA
  2. Biharilal Deora, CFA, CIPM

Investment wizard Peter Thiel says, “In the networked age, scale of production is no longer a moat. Instead network effects are the new moat. And this is the new moat for the financial services space as well.”


Can any company offer financial services now? Are giant banks on the same level playing ground as new banking entrants powered by banking-as-a-service infrastructure? In this digital age, critical mass is within most companies’ reach; cloud services providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), are providing plug-and-play hardware and web service infrastructure for fintechs and incumbents alike, with large economies of scale to perform thousands of experiments and redefine the financial services landscape.


Are we going to see the AWS era in the financial services space? Platformization is taking center stage in financial services, from banking to payments, lending, and regulation technology as an infrastructure service. It means startups (and incumbents) can now draw on these APIs and more—to create better products that help many, many more people. It also means that any company could become a financial services company. Imagine banking with your favorite brand—Apple, Amazon, Google, Uber, Lyft, or Reliance Jio. With different companies providing financial services as a value-added service to their customers, the future of financial services will be very different from what we see now.


Platformization is happening in investment management too. The entire value chain is getting unbundled as an infrastructure service—starting from ideation, research, and product launches and ending with productization, personalized distribution, and customer analytics. Against this backdrop, what will the career landscape look like in the investment and wealth management industry? What kind of skill sets and roles will create the most impact? The good news is that platformization is also promoting entrepreneurship in the industry. This means that everyone has an opportunity to participate and take the industry into a different trajectory, powered by technology-led innovation.


Join Ujjwal Jain, CFA, for this webinar as he takes us to the future of investment management in India.


Learning outcomes

  • Implications for the investment industry in the digital age
  • Career opportunities for CFA® charterholders and candidates
  • Roles and entry requirements
  • Competencies required and potential career paths

This is the archived version of a live webinar that took place on 27 February 2020

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