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24 July 2019 Multimedia

Unpleasant Truths: Doing What’s Right, Not What’s Easy, in Fixed Income

  1. Oksana Aronov
Fixed-income markets are going through significant structural changes related to central bank policies, liquidity, and accessibility. At the same time, investors are struggling with uncertainties related to geopolitical risk, negative interest rates globally, and effects from the latter stages in the credit cycle. In this presentation, J.P. Morgan’s Oksana Aronov helps investors navigate this uncharted territory by exploring opportunities across traditional and alternative fixed-income markets and explains why focusing on an absolute return-oriented investing is especially important. Ms. Aronov examines the global fixed-income opportunity set from both the long and short perspectives, examines potential fixed-income market scenarios and ways to mitigate risks with efficient hedging strategies, and discusses how to tilt portfolios from “beta” to “alpha” generation while reducing correlations to spreads and interest rates.

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