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22 August 2019 Multimedia

Career Insights: Sell-side Research in India

  1. Amit Khurana, CFA
  2. Biharilal Deora, CFA, CIPM

Over the last two decades, sell-side research has emerged as a coveted profession in India, riding on the growth and development of the country’s equity market.

The industry landscape is dotted with several large international brokerages who compete for institutional business with their Indian counterparts and a few independent research providers who play a prominent role. The industry’s prospects are closely linked to the outlook of financial markets, which in turn depends on the country’s economic outlook.

Sell-side research teams in India, like their global counterparts, are typically organized by sectors and are staffed with associates, analysts, sector specialists, and research leads. These are challenging roles owing to the stiff competition in acquiring and protecting business from institutional investors. The challenge is perhaps bigger in India, where the number of such investors are low relative to the number of sell-side research providers.

World over, sell-side employers value the CFA® Program curriculum due to the relevance and depth of its content, which is the case in India as well. As such, CFA charterholders tend to have an edge over competition when it comes to landing a sell-side research job. That said, what are the competencies required to get a job in this industry? What roles are available for CFA charterholders and candidates and what are the career paths?

For a complete perspective on careers in sell-side research, join us for this webinar where Amit Khurana, CFA, head of equities at Dolat Capital, will discuss the employment outlook, competencies, career paths, and more.

Learning outcomes:

  • Overview of the sell-side research industry in India
  • Career opportunities for CFA charterholders and candidates
  • Roles available and competencies required
  • Entry requirements and potential career paths


This is the archived version of a live webinar that took place on 22 August 2019.

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