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29 November 2018 Multimedia

Practitioners' Insights: Airlines Sector in India

  1. Subrata Ray , CFA
  2. Shreenivas Kunte, CFA, CIPM

The aviation industry, globally, plays a critical role in the economy. The sector in turn, is influenced by the economic environment and is highly cyclical. The airlines sector is also closely linked to the development of other sectors like airports, tourism, hotels, business travel and aerospace. But the sector is vulnerable to events like natural disasters, geopolitical developments and terrorism. In a developing economy like India, the demand for air travel is highly price sensitive, constraining the sector’s ability to pass on cost increases. While the airline industry has been experiencing a rapid demand growth in India, the industry has also been in the news for large financial stress faced by many of its players.

In this webinar, Subrata Ray, CFA, Senior Group Vice PresidentICRA Limited will discuss the opportunities and challenges in India's airlines sector. The webinar will address the following learning outcomes:

  • Understanding the development of the airline industry in India and key challenges.
  • Assessing key operating and financial parameters while analysing the prospects of the airline industry.
  • Understanding the financial and operating factors to watch while assessing the credit risks in the airline industry.


This is the archived version of a live webinar that took place on 29 November 2018

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