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31 October 2017 Multimedia

What Happens When You Hit Buy, with Brad Katsuyama

  1. Brad Katsuyama
  2. Patrick O’Shaughnessy

My guest this week is Brad Katsuyama, the founder of the IEX exchange and protagonist of Michael Lewis’s famous book Flash Boys, which chronicled the role of high frequency trading in markets. 

This conversation was yet another reminder of how complicated markets can be, and that very few participants know all aspects of the process well. Brad and I get deep into the history behind his company, and the ways in which markets and exchanges have evolved, better or worse. We discuss latency arbitrage, why exchanges make less money on actual trading activity than you might guess, and the two most impactful meetings Brad took while setting up IEX.

One of my favorite parts of this conversation was our exploration of entrepreneurship. Brad’s whole story is one that entrepreneurs will appreciate, and is full of lessons for those aspiring to start their own business.

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