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19 September 2017 Multimedia

Tech Investing Outside of Silicon Valley, with David Tisch

  1. David Tisch

Welcome to Patrick O’Shaughnessy's podcast series, Invest Like the Best.

My guest this week is David Tisch, who was instrumental in building and fostering venture capital investing in New York City. If you liked my conversation with Jerry Neumann–who, incidentally, introduced me to David–you are going to love this one.

David was a co-founder at tech stars, New York’s answer to Silicon Valley’s famous tech incubator Y Combinator. He now runs the Box Group, a prominent seed stage venture capital firm, which has looked at thousands of startups and invested in more than 200.

We explore tech investing outside of Silicon Valley, the tech accelerator model, the evolution of early stage investing, and why the best companies may start coming out of non-traditional venture hubs.

David does a great job of explaining how things have changed for technology startups and why certain strategies–especially those for acquiring customers–won’t work nearly as well in the future.

I learned a lot during this hour, and I think you will too. Please enjoy.

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