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25 January 2017 Multimedia

Finding Economic Value in Non-Traditional Assets

  1. Alan Boyce
  2. Jim Rogers
  3. Raoul Pal
  4. Grant Williams

As a participant of CFA Institute’s Approved-Provider Program, Real Vision TV brings you an exclusive 5-part series: The Intelligent Investor Series. From markets to macro & trade ideas to investment frameworks. Watch and learn from the world’s most successful investors. 

The fourth series offers unconventional alternative investment trade ideas from some of the world’s most successful investors. The fourth series includes the following 3 episodes:

Episode 1: Alan Boyce

Alan Boyce, former Fed economist and bond trader, turned farming investor, talks us through the expected forward price action for some of the key agricultural commodities and his ideas of where to invest now.

Episode 2: Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers, investing legend, sets out to identify unique opportunities, while seemingly breaking every rule in the book, as he predicts a bear market and bankruptcy for the US.

Episode 3: Raoul Pal and Grant Williams

Raoul Pal and Grant Williams present the Monsoon, an emerging market narrative that details opportunities in the demographics and advancements in many Indo-Pacific and African nations that mirror the original spice routes.

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