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11 May 2016 Multimedia

Paradigm Shift

The Changing Global Bond Market and Implications for Investors

  1. Bonnie Baha, CFA
  2. Carolyn Wilkins
  3. Steven John Major, CFA
  4. Marc P. Seidner, CFA

In this engaging and informative panel discussion, Bonnie Baha, CFA, Carolyn Wilkins, Steven John Major, CFA, and moderator Marc P. Seidner, CFA, discuss to what degree have changes in capital requirements and other regulatory changes affected bond market structure, liquidity, and volatility. The panel will also consider what the practical implications of central bank policy divergence on financial markets, the path of interest rates, and global systemic risk and whether global bond market investors need to update their assumptions, and what strategies should they use to keep up with changing markets.

This is an archived recording of a live broadcast that took place on 11 May, 2016.

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