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30 November 2016 Multimedia

Big Insight for Key Financial Markets

  1. Harry Markopolos
  2. John Hempton
  3. Benoit Descourtieux

As a participant of CFA Institute’s Approved-Provider Program, Real Vision TV, brings you an exclusive 5-part series: The Intelligent Investor Series. From markets to macro & trade ideas to investment frameworks. Watch and learn from the world’s most successful investors.

In the first series we go micro with insights on fraud investigations, a short-sale framework and learnings from experienced investors with skin in the game. Discover trade ideas and how to invest more profitably, earn continuing education credits and access a huge library of unbiased content from the world’s most successful investors. The first series includes the following 3 episodes:

Episode 1: Harry Markopolos
Harry Markopolos is the former derivatives professional turned independent financial fraud investigator who uncovered the $65 billion Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme. Harry now has the audit world and insurance industry in his sights as the next big financial frauds yet to come to light.

Episode 2: John Hempton
John Hempton, Founder & CIO of Bronte Capital, explains the framework he uses to identify potential short-sale targets by looking for what he calls "bone-headed retail mistakes." John gives examples from high-profile cases and demonstrates the extra lengths the determined short-seller must go to.

Episode 3: Benoit Descourtieux
Benoit Descourtieux, CIO & founder of OP Investment Management, has 30 years of investing in Asia and 100% returns over the past 5 years. He offers us original investment know-how from his learnings over the years.

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