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3 September 2015 Multimedia

European Capital Markets Union Action Plan

  1. Maiju Hamunen

The European Commission has published its Action Plan on the European Capital Markets Union (CMU). The main goal of the CMU is to further integrate capital markets across the 28 European Union (EU) Member States to make sure that European investors and companies can better meet their respective funding and investment needs, and to optimize the use of capital markets. The Commission’s aim is to have in place the most fundamental building blocks of the Union ready by 2019. See the CFA Institutewhite paper on the CMUinitiative.

Maiju Hamunen, policy analyst at CFA Institute, examines key aspects of the proposal and the potential impact on investors

Clip 1: The key needs in designing and implementing an effective Capital Markets Union.

Clip 2: Why taxation treatment across jurisdictions is one of the biggest barriers to forming the Capital Markets Union.

Clip 3: Why it is important to improve credit information on small to medium-size enterprises (SMEs).

Clip 4: Why harmonised financial services laws across EU member states should be a CMU priority.

Maiju Hamunen, policy analyst at CFA Institute, examines the resulting legislative proposals, the European Commission’s Retail Financial Services Green Paper, and other key CMU developments

Clip 1: Assessing the legislative proposals

Clip 2: Our response to the European Commission’s call for evidence

Clip 3: Our Response to the European Commission’s Retail Financial Services Green Paper

Clip 4: Revised EU Prospectus Directive:How can it benefit investors?

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