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25 October 2006 Multimedia

What Everyone Should Know About Saving and Investing—Part I

  1. David Blitzstein
  2. Zvi Bodie, PhD
  3. Jeffrey J. Diermeier, CFA
  4. Dallas Salisbury
  5. Paul Solman
  • What can be done to enable households to make more rational financial decisions?
  • What should be the content of the educational materials provided by government and other not-for-profit organizations?
  • Who should decide about the content?
  • Is there a unique role for universities to play?
  • Should radio and television broadcasters be encouraged to air a certain amount of financial literacy education programming for all age categories?
  • Should the financial services industry and/or government fund such programming?

Please note that text may be difficult to read in this recording. The presentation slides are available for download in the video player.

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