Hills Sustainability
12 September 2023 Financial Analysts Journal Volume 79, Issue 4

Green Parity and the Decarbonization of Corporate Bond Portfolios

  1. Mario Bajo
  2. Emilio Rodriguez
Based on an investment universe for the 2017–2021 period, this study examines different strategies that corporate bond investors can apply to achieve decarbonization goals. Analysis finds that a “Green Parity” strategy yields the best performance.
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This study explores the incorporation of climate change into fixed income investment. We investigate the cost of decarbonization and the selection of Sustainable Investment strategies in portfolio construction, providing a comprehensive analytical framework. Employing a passive management style and through empirical analysis, we assess the tradeoff between decarbonization and the associated cost in terms of benchmark deviation for a corporate bond portfolio. We also propose an innovative strategy called “Green Parity,” which helps to improve traditional approaches to decarbonization. Our results challenge the common belief that pursuing decarbonization targets inevitably compromises risk-return outcomes.

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