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17 October 2023 Financial Analysts Journal Volume 79, Issue 4

Financial Analysts Journal, Fourth Quarter, 2023, Vol. 79 No. 4

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This PDF contains the complete Fourth Quarter 2023 issue of the Financial Analysts Journal.
Financial Analysts Journal, Fourth Quarter, 2023, Vol. 79 No. 4 Financial Analysts Journal CFA Institute Member Content


In this issue of the Financial Analysts Journal, you will find the following articles:

Harry Markowitz in Memoriam
William N. Goetzmann

The Controversy over Proxy Voting: The Role of Fund Managers and Proxy Advisors
Arnoud Boot, Jan Krahnen, Lemma Senbet, and Chester Spatt

Applying Economics—Not Gut Feel—to ESG
Alex Edmans

Thematic Investing with Big Data: The Case of Private Equity
Ludovic Phalippou

Intermediaries’ Incentives across Share Classes in the Same Fund
Ivalina Kalcheva and Ping McLemore

Private Shareholder Engagements on Material ESG Issues
Rob Bauer, Jeroen Derwall, and Colin Tissen

Beyond Fama-French Factors: Alpha from Short-Term Signals
David Blitz, Matthias X. Hanauer, CFA, Iman Honarvar, Rob Huisman, CFA, and Pim van Vliet

Green Parity and the Decarbonization of Corporate Bond Portfolios
Mario Bajo and Emilio Rodríguez

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