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25 June 2020 Financial Analysts Journal Volume 76, Issue 3

A Framework for Constructing Equity-Risk-Mitigation Portfolios

  1. Jamil Baz
  2. Josh Davis
  3. Steven G. Sapra, CFA
  4. Normane Gillmann
  5. Jerry Tsai

Hedging equity risk is so challenging that investors may sell down their equity portfolios or invest in costly risk-mitigation strategies. An optimized portfolio of risk mitigation strategies can improve outcomes.

The key trade-off among equity-risk-mitigation strategies is their expected return versus their ability to diversify equity risk. In particular, the more reliable a strategy’s equity-hedging properties, the lower its expected return, and vice versa. This article proposes a framework for optimal equity-risk-mitigation portfolio construction. In our model, the investor maximizes the portfolio’s unconditional expected return, subject to a constraint on its conditional equity beta. We show that the return to a risk-mitigation portfolio can be decomposed into hedging and return generating components. We then demonstrate that optimal risk-mitigation portfolios exhibit better return-defensiveness properties relative to the underlying strategies.

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