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1 March 2004 Financial Analysts Journal Volume 60, Issue 2

Value at Risk and Expected Stock Returns

  1. Turan G. Bali
  2. Nusret Cakici

Stock size, liquidity, and value at risk (VAR) can explain the cross-sectional variation in expected returns, but market beta and total volatility have almost no power to capture the cross-section of expected returns at the stock level. Furthermore, the strong positive relationship between average returns and VAR is robust for different investment horizons and loss-probability levels. In addition to the cross-sectional regressions at the stock level, this study used a time-series approach to test the empirical performance of VAR at the portfolio level. The results, based on 25 size/book-to-market portfolios, indicate that VAR has additional explanatory power after the characteristics of market return, size, book-to-market ratio, and liquidity are controlled for.

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