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1 November 2004 Financial Analysts Journal Volume 60, Issue 6

Divergent Opinions and the Performance of Value Stocks

  1. John A. Doukas
  2. Chansog (Francis) Kim
  3. Christos Pantzalis

Divergence of opinions among investors, manifested in the dispersion of analysts' earnings forecasts, may play an important role in asset pricing. This article reports tests of whether disagreement can explain the cross-sectional return difference between value and growth (or “glamour”) stocks in the U.S. market over the 1983–2001 period. Consistent with the theoretical proposition that stocks subject to greater investor disagreement earn higher returns, the tests found value stocks to be exposed to greater investor disagreement than growth stocks. This finding suggests that the return advantage of value strategies is a reward for the greater disagreement about their future growth in earnings. Alternative multifactor asset-pricing tests supported the proposition that investor disagreement plays an important role in explaining the superior return of value stocks.

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