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20 November 2020 Position Paper

COVID-19 Response Measures in the MENA Region

Advocacy FMI Series No. 1

  1. Sviatoslav Rosov, PhD, CFA

An analysis of policy responses (fiscal, monetary, macroprudential) measures taken by Middle Eastern governments in response to COVID-19.

The MENA region is broadly in line with other global emerging economies in the size of its fiscal response, with the GCC subregion having a somewhat larger average fiscal response. Bahrain and Qatar are noticeable outliers even among the GCC countries in the large size of their fiscal response.

Sviatoslav Rosov, PhD, CFA

Anas Ben Chekroun
Karina Karakulova, CFA
William Tohmé, CFA

COVID-19 Response Measures in the MENA Region View the full paper (PDF)

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