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1 May 2014 Position Paper

An Investor’s Guide to Shareholder Meetings in India

Rights, Roles, and Responsibilities

  1. Padma Venkat, CFA
  2. Vinay Bagri, CFA
  3. Bob Dannhauser, CFA, FRM, CAIA
  4. Tony Tan, DBA, CFA

Shareholder meetings contribute to effective monitoring of management decisions and play a key role in holding directors of a company accountable for their decisions. The objective of this guide is to serve as a reference and to create a better understanding of the general framework of shareholder meetings. It is intended to be used primarily by shareholders in India to understand their right, roles and responsibilities to participate in various types of shareholder meetings, to be mindful of the various stages of a meeting life-cycle as well as the different modes of voting available to them. Significantly, the guide gives an overview of the various types of important resolutions put to vote in shareholder meetings and guides the shareholders on how they can research and analyze the issues before they attend the meetings; it also encourages them to participate actively to ensure that their interests are not unduly diluted.

CFA® Institute published this guide in partnership with the Indian Association of Investment Professionals, based on research conducted by Institutional Investor Advisory Services India Limited.

An Investor's Guide to Shareholder Meetings in India: Rights, Roles, and Responsibilities View the full article (PDF)

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