Aurora Borealis

Career Insights into Valuations

  1. Navin Vohra, CFA
  2. Monika Chopra, CFA

From transactions to financial accounting, from investing to taxation, and from family settlements to divorces, valuations are required in almost every segment of commercial, business, and even personal activities. As the operating environment has become more complex, as businesses have grown larger, and as intangibles have increased in value, the valuation profession has become highly specialized and broad based. The requirement for independent and robust valuations is felt in almost every aspect of commercial activity. Considering the importance of the profession, governments today have started regulating it.

In this webinar, we will explore career opportunities in the valuations space. We also will look at the career paths and skills required to become a successful valuations professional.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn about the key trends shaping valuations industry.
  • Review the typical roles and responsibilities.
  • Examine the skills and competencies required.
  •  Discuss the long-term career expectations. 

This is the archived version of a live webinar that took place on 4 August 2022

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