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8 September 2022 Multimedia

Career Insights: How New Business Models Are Changing Career Paths

  1. Rajesh Sehgal, CFA
  2. Monika Chopra, CFA

New technologies and business models are greatly disrupting career choices in finance. As new jobs emerge in this evolving field, some existing jobs are becoming redundant. Thus, the biggest challenge for finance professionals today is to adapt and reskill for jobs that are expected in the future but are hard to define in the present.

This webinar will help us to deal with these challenges. It will take us through the new business models in finance and their associated career paths. It will assess the impact of these changes on those who are about to join the workforce as well as those who are already part of it.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn how roles and skills will change with the advent of new technology and business models.
  • Discuss how organizations are building their workforces for the future.
  • Review what you can do to stay relevant in the future.

This is the archived version of a live webinar that took place on 8 September 2022

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