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2 March 2021 Multimedia

Why Financial Advisers Must Generate Relationship Alpha

  1. Charlotte B. Beyer

Charlotte Beyer, founder and former CEO of the Institute for Private Investors and author of the CFA Institute Research Foundation brief “Relationship Alpha: The Emerging Competitive Advantage in Wealth Management,” explains what relationship alpha is and why it’s important and how advisers can better serve their clients.

Episode Transcript (PDF)

Topics discussed:
2:15 Intro: How Charlotte founded the Institute for Private Investors (IPI)
3:56 What has changed in wealth management over the last four decades
7:00 What really works well for advisors?
9:57 Research Foundation brief, Relationship Alpha: what is the relationship alpha and why       should advisees care more about it?
3:18 How do advisors improve their authenticity in a virtual setting?
14:45 How does one measure relationship alpha? And can you train relationship alpha?
18:55 Key takeaways for marketing to prospects 
21:38 Work at Wharton and eight components of wealth management chats 
25:40 How do advisors distinguish themselves? How can advisors know if the client meeting is being successful?
29:25 Charlotte’s book list 
32:25 Wrap-up questions

  • One long-term change that you hope to see as a result of the pandemic
  • What one item would you bring on a long space flight?
  • Flight vs. invisibility?
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