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24 September 2020 Multimedia

Using Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for Greater Success in the Investment World

  1. James Ware, CFA
  2. Heather Packard

Emotional Intelligence (EQ), when applied in the context of investment management, is critical for building stronger relationships among investment team members and their clients. In this interactive webinar, Jim Ware, CFA, will:

  • Define EQ and discuss why it’s more than just self-awareness
  • Explore why EQ matters and how it helps investment professionals throughout their careers
  • Examine EQ and personality styles, allowing participants to take a deeper look at the personalities of their teammates and themselves
  • Understand the role of EQ in today’s investment world, gaining insights for individuals and teams

Take the Enneagram and EQ tests and join us for this enlightening presentation.

This webinar is part of the Career Builder series.

Additional Resources:

  • Explore the Career Tools asset library, refine your soft skills, and prepare for your next career move (CFA Institute login required)

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