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29 April 2020 Multimedia

Machine Learning and AI: An Intuitive Introduction

  1. Sri Krishnamurthy, CFA

Learn how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are revolutionizing financial services — this course will introduce key concepts and illustrate the role of machine learning, data science techniques, and AI through examples and case studies from the investment industry. The presentation uses simple mathematics and basic statistics to provide an intuitive understanding of machine learning, as used by financial firms, to augment traditional investment decision making.

This overview session offers a tour of machine learning and AI methods, examining case studies to understand the technology companies, data vendors, banks, and fintech startups that are the key players in trading and investment management. Practical examples and case studies will help participants understand key machine learning methodologies, choose an algorithm for a specific goal, and recognize when to use machine learning and AI techniques.

Hands-on demos and slides presented by Sri are available here: Use ‘CFAMasterClass’ as Registration code.

Watch part 2 of this webinar, Machine Learning and AI: Core Methods and Applications, recorded on 6 May 2020 for additional insights from Sri Krishnamurthy, CFA.

This is an archived recording of a live webinar that took place on 29 April 2020.


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