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30 September 2020 Multimedia

Asset Owner Perspectives: Positioning Investment Portfolios for the Future

Professional Investing Series

  1. Peter Lindley
  2. Dhvani Shah, CFA
  3. Michael S. Falk, CFA
  • How are large asset owners investing their capital in the current environment?
  • How can investment strategies take advantage of a longer time horizon by providing liquidity and investing opportunistically?
  • What do effective investment decision-making and risk management practices look like?

Two pension fund leaders will share their knowledge, expertise, and strategies for managing large public pension funds during a global pandemic amid high uncertainty around economic recovery. They will discuss the importance of financial strength and time horizons that allow them to invest in a combination of liquid and illiquid strategies, positioning their pension funds for the future and creating retirement security for their municipal employees and retirees.

This webinar is part of the Professional Investing series.

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