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22 May 2017 Multimedia

Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation Processes: A Case Study (Take 15 Series)

  1. Robert P Browne, CFA

There are many theoretical frameworks for performing asset allocation, both strategic and tactical. How do practitioners do it? Larry Cao, CFA, spoke with Robert P. Browne, CFA, EVP and CIO of Northern Trust, about his team’s investment process. From quantitative approaches and factor analysis to more fundamental approaches, such as macroeconomic and valuation analysis, Browne shares his perspectives on the pertinent topics and, more importantly, on how to tie them together. Browne also spoke on their market outlook and where they see opportunities in the market. Are equities expensive after the sharp run-ups?  Are bonds at risk given the rising interest rate environment in the US? Tune in, and find out for yourself.

The Take 15 Series is a series of short interviews with leading practitioners on timely topics focused on the investment profession.

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