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12 September 2017 Multimedia

Finding Companies that Break the Rules, with David Gardner

  1. David Gardner

Welcome to Patrick O’Shaughnessy's podcast series, Invest Like the Best.

The investment strategy discussed in this week’s episode is diametrically opposed to my own value tendencies, but it still one that has done exceptionally well.

My guest is David Gardner, co-founder of the Motley Fool. He is unique in that he is both a pure investor–a true stock junkie–and an entrepreneur. His energy is remarkable. His positive vibes are something to behold. You’ll hear it over audio, but it’s ever more palpable in person.

Our conversation is about finding companies which are breaking rules in the right way and reshaping industries. David’s goal is to find these companies early in and hold them forever.

If you love investing, you are going to love this regardless of your prior beliefs. Please enjoy my conversation with David Gardner on rule breakers.

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