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17 October 2012 Multimedia

CFA Institute Virtual Event

New Thinking in Taxable Asset Allocation

  1. Niall J. Gannon

CFA Institute is proud to announce an exclusive virtual event for practitioners in private wealth management. This event will bring to your desk two live sessions from the CFA Institute Asset Allocation for Private Clients conference.

Modeling Taxable Portfolios
Niall J. Gannon
Executive Director
The Gannon Group

  • Examining the historical returns of major asset classes, net of taxes and fees
  • Modeling expected returns for changes in tax rates, and calculating the impact of taxes on the equity risk premium
  • Optimizing portfolio construction and asset allocation on an after-tax basis

Hedge Funds and the Taxable Investor
Robert N. Gordon
Founder and President
Twenty-First Securities Corporation

  • Comparing the tax treatment for different investment vehicles
  • Exploring trading versus investing and the impact of each on after-tax returns
  • Optimizing after-tax hedge fund returns using derivatives and other strategies

 This is an archived recording of a live broadcast that took place on 17 October 2012.

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