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23 August 2022 Financial Analysts Journal

Option Pricing via Breakeven Volatility

  1. Blair Hull
  2. Anlong Li
  3. Xiao Qiao
Calculating breakeven volatility based on S&P 500 options data, this study builds a predictive model that provides a link between option characteristics and breakeven volatility. A simulated trading strategy demonstrates the model’s economic value.
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The fair value of an option is given by breakeven volatility, the value of implied volatility that sets the profit and loss of a delta-hedged option to zero. We calculate breakeven volatility for 400,000 options on the S&P 500 and build a predictive model for these volatilities. A two-stage regression approach captures the majority of the observed variation. By providing a link between option characteristics and breakeven volatility, we establish a non-parametric approach to pricing options without the need to specify the underlying price process. We illustrate the economic value of our approach with a simulated trading strategy based on breakeven volatility predictions.

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