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1 June 2012 Position Paper

Visionary Board Leadership

Stewardship for the Long Term

  1. Matthew Orsagh, CFA, CIPM

This report revisits the topic of short-termism—originally discussed in the 2006 report Breaking the Short-Term Cycle—but this time from a different perspective and with a very specific audience in mind: the corporate director—specifically, the “Visionary Director.” A Visionary Director is a director committed to working with management to make a company successful in the long-term, and who does not tolerate corner-cutting strategies to meet fleeting short-term expectations. This report identifies the issues, opportunities, and leading practices of Visionary Boards to combat short-termism and build long-term value for shareowners.

Visionary Board Leadership: Stewardship for the Long Term View the full article (PDF)

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