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10 May 2018 Multimedia

Corporate Governance Regulation in Asia: New Risks and Opportunities for Investors

  1. Jamie Allen
  2. Shreenivas Kunte, CFA, CIPM

While Asia has made significant progress improving corporate governance standards over the past two decades, significant challenges remain in certain markets—particularly Hong Kong and Singapore—due to the imminent arrival of dual-class shares. In other markets, including Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, and India, policy trends are more positive. The situation in China, however, remains complex, with a dual emphasis on “corporate governance with Chinese characteristics” and an increase in the internationalization of capital markets. In this webinar, Jamie Allen, founding Secretary General of the Asian Corporate Governance Association (ACGA), will discuss the evolving ecosystem for corporate governance in Asia, in addition to pertinent financial reporting, accounting, and auditing issues around the region. He will highlight two upcoming ACGA reports, one on China, and the second, a “CG Watch,” the association’s survey of corporate governance macro-quality in Asia. 

This is the archived version of a live webinar that took place on 10 May 2018.

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