Career Competencies for the Future of Work

The Future of Work Career Comparison tool allows you to select up to four investment industry roles to evaluate the structure and competencies associated with each.  This tool gives guidance on the skills, traits, and work structure needed to succeed in each role, as well as insights into how these roles are positioned for the future. Data used in compiling the tool come from all original CFA Institute research.
Select Job Fields
Average total annual compensation ($USD) as of Jan 2020 ----
Key technical competencies identified in the CFA Institute Competency Framework ----
Likelihood role will change substantially in the next 5-10 years ----
On the job learning (from mostly familiar work to mostly new work) ----
Specialization level ----
Predictability ----
Teamwork needed ----
Uninterrupted time needed ----
Level of autonomy ----
Creativity needed ----
Level of client engagement ----
Ability to work remotely (if policies permit) ----
Frequency of travel ----
Time spent on video calls ----

Note: All ratings above are relative to the overall survey population.  To be considered "High" or "Low", weighted averages must exceed +/- one standard deviation from the mean.  Sources include: the Future of Work in Investment Management report series, the Investment Professional of the Future report, the CFA Institute member compensation survey, and the CFA Institute Competency Framework.

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