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1 June 2017 Survey Report

Discovering Phi

Motivation as the Hidden Variable of Performance

Learn how motivation can be used to improve performance in investment management with CFA Institute. Improving work performance to meet client goals starts with motivation.

Short-term thinking has disconnected us from our shared purpose: achieving clients’ long-term goals and in turn contributing to economic growth. The investment management industry and its professionals need to move from a performance-driven culture to one that is purpose-driven to better ensure clients’ long-term goals are met. 

During 18 months of surveys, interviews, and data analysis, CFA Institute and the State Street Center for Applied Research set out to answer the question: "How can we leverage the motivation of investment professionals and their clients to achieve better financial outcomes?"

The research identified “phi” as a factor that aligns the goals and values of the investment professional, the organization, and the client -- creating the greatest potential for long-term, sustainable performance.*

Discovering Phi: Motivation as the Hidden Variable of Performance View the report (PDF)

What's Your Hidden Performance Variable?

For this study, State Street and CFA Institute surveyed 7,000 investment decision-makers in more than 20 countries. Now you can take the survey to discover your level of phi.

Discovering Phi: In the News

New York Times Wealth Matters column by Paul Sullivan: "Aligning Your Investments With What Motivates You" (PDF); © 2016 The New York Times News Service

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